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This website has been designed to inform our communities about the challenges LGBTQ persons face everyday in the community and how we can all help. It is also a place for our community to get together and have fun.

The goal of this resource is to provide a place for youth, students, teachers, parents, and the general community to go to ask questions and find answers. It is also a place to post events, meet new people, and have fun.  It is time for a strong support system for LGBTQ and allies in our community.


Who we are

     It all started  when a rather large group of college students got together at Red Deer College (Red Deer College Pride on Campus) and decided we need a stronger support system in our communities. 

     In speaking with the LGBT Youth of Red Deer, the need for a strong support system through one voice and united website is needed.

     This site was created on September 22, 2011. It fell to the sidelines for a while, but I hope that in 2014 it will become something again.


     Who are we? We are your neighbors, your friends, and your family.


     What does LGBTQ and Allies stand for?

- Lesbian, Gay or Genderqueer, Bisexual, Transgendered/Transsexual/Two-spirited, Queer/Questioning, and supporters. 

   There are so many different variations out there. If you would like a new term or definition added, contact us through the "ask a question" feature or e-mail us (


 Goals of this website:

- to support the LGBTQ community.

- to answer the questions everyone is too afraid to ask.

- to give youth a place to go when they have no where else.

- to give teachers the resources to help the LGBTQ youth in their schools.

- to give parents the answers they need in how to support their LGBTQ child.

- to change our communities into a place where LGBTQ's are not afraid to be themselves.



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